For Catholics, it is the Mass that matters.’


So wrote the Protestant Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Augustine Birrell.


So it has always been, and in our own country we have the inspiring examples of the Martyrs who risked their lives to attend Mass, and made many sacrifices in order that the Mass be said.


We shall need something of the same spirit as we prepare to offer Mass together again. There are still many restrictions in place, and certain practices will be necessary that we may not find easy. All of us will have to put up with inconvenience, perhaps even sacrifice, but the opportunity to attend Mass and to receive Holy Communion once more will make everything worthwhile.

For the foreseeable future, MASS will be offered each Sunday at 11 am. in the School Yard, This will enable the largest possible number to attend.


We ask everyone to observe social distancing.

There will be limited seating available but, as at the Harvington Pilgrimage, it may be possible for parishioners to bring their own portable chairs, together with coats and umbrellas as necessary.


 - The Altar will be placed beneath the balcony.

 - Readers will remain in their places to give their readings.

 - There will be NO Offertory procession or Collection.

 - Communion will be given under ONE kind only.


Please note the protocols for this Mass given beneath this notice.


Mass will be ‘live-streamed’ from the Prayer Room of the School each Sunday at 3 o’ clock, for those who are not able to attend.

This will normally be available on ‘Youtube’ at later times.


We shall no longer ‘live-stream’ Masses during the week. This is because Mass will be offered in church each morning at 10 o’ clock.


The MAXIMUM attendance permitted will be 30 people. We hope to have weekly lists available each Sunday so that those intending to be present on particular days may indicate, this enabling us to keep within the permitted number. It will be possible to indicate proposed attendance by e-mail or telephone to the Rectory.


We hope we will be able to accommodate those who have requested Masses for a particular day. Those attending are asked to follow the directions of Stewards with regard to seating, and other arrangements.


Face coverings MUST be worn inside the church.


We are indebted to Mrs. Emma Brocklesby, the Head Mistress, for her willingness to enable these arrangements for Sunday Masses; to Alberto Maffei, the School Caretaker, for whom this does mean additional work; and to Amanda Baylie who will enable us to ‘live-stream’ the Masses on Sunday afternoons. Many parishioners have offered their services as Stewards and cleaners. Their help is essential and invaluable, and without their generosity these arrangements will not be possible.


We ask the prayers of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Ambrose & St. Pius X as we begin this unprecedented period in the life of the Church. May these new experiences deepen our love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament so that it can truly be said that, for our parishioners, it is the MASS THAT MATTERS.

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