2017 was an extremely active year for all of us St. Ambrose's Parish as we had a series of services which reflected and celebrated each of the seven Sacraments, culminating in a visit from Bishop Robert Byrne, who presided at Mass for our Patronal Feast, and Confirmed a number of our young parishioners.

Several good things have come from our Year of Celebration. Thanks to Pat Storey, of our Tenbury community, a fine commemorative booklet has been produced. We hope to introduce at least one new prayer group in our Parish, to supplement the monthly Rosary Group on the First Friday of each month which has recently been inaugurated in the home of one of our Tenbury parishioners.

Folllowing the evening service presented by the Union of Catholic Mothers, which celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage, many were moved by the reflection on widowhood given by Betty Martin. We are hoping to begin a group in which bereaved and widowed parishioners can come together for prayer, reflection and mutual support. Several people have indicated strong support for this venture.

A developing relationship between the School and the Parish has followed the appointment of Mrs. Emma Brocklesby as our Head Mistress. Already, both school and parish are finding new ways of working and praying together.

In 2018, we shall carry out an extensive campaign of visiting, in which the Parish Clergy and a group of parishioners hope to visit the homes of all those families associated with our school, so enabling this vital link to grow even stronger.

We rely as ever on the prayers of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Ambrose and St. Pius X to prosper our undertakings with good success. Our recently appointed Pastoral & Secretarial Assistant, Joseph Moran, who acts as our Parish Administrator, has composed a prayer to commemorate our Year of Celebration:

Holy Ambrose, under your care,
may our Parish,
having passed through a Year of Celebration
find favour with Our Lord.
Through your intercession,
may we, like you, be brought to perfection.
Make us mindful of our faults,
charitable in our deeds,
and diligent in good works.
We ask protection and guidance,
for ourselves, our families and our parish.
Watch over us,
from your throne in Heaven.
We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.

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