St Ambrose's Parish Centre

During this period of inactivity, Patryk Madujuraski has been working to convert the old bar area into a modern, purpose-built coffee bar and catering facility. Once the work is completed there will be an opportunity for parishioners to visit the centre and see the wonderful transformation that is taking place.


The Parish Centre is CLOSED until JUNE 21st 2021

Contact can still be made with Mary Preston via

07513 295817

This modern building offers an ideal location for group meetings or private functions.


Borromeo Hall:

This is a large, well-lit room, with a capacity of 120 guests, and is part-carpeted with a wooden dance floor.  There are comfortable furnishings, with the flexibility to arrange the chairs and tables as required.  Please note that the lavatories in the Hall foyer are for public use when the room is occupied.

Montini Room:

This is a meeting area, seating around 20 guests, that can be screened off from the main hall, through which it is accessible, by a concertina door.  It has a modular table that can be arranged to your needs.


Also available with both of the rooms described above is a well-equipped kitchen, which offers tea- and coffee-making facilities, two ovens, two hobs and a fridge, plus plenty of crockery and cutlery.  There are hatches from the kitchen to both of these rooms.


Adams Lounge:

This room, which can hold up to 80 guests, is a secondary function room, and is now the main room for training events owing to regular groups' using the Borromeo Hall throughout the week.

Wheatley Room:

This is a meeting area, seating around 15 guests.  Access is via the Adams Lounge.

Images for all of these rooms may be found here.

Also available, for all guests, is the car park, accessible from Leswell Street, just off the main Birmingham Road.  During certain times, especially the school terms and coinciding events, it can become very busy.

Hire charges:


Generally, 10 an hour.  This is the same regardless of the room.


On Friday and Saturday nights, there is a flat fee of 70.  Both of these rates apply from 6 pm to 11:30 pm (+ 30 minutes' tidying-up), even if you do not use the full 6 hours.

Training sessions by or for organisations such as the County Council are charged at 40 for a half day and 65 for a full day.  Both these amounts include refreshments throughout the session.

There is no longer a permanently stocked and licensed bar facility available on site, meaning that you are welcome to bring your own drinks or encourage your guests to do so.  If you choose either of these options, you will need to nominate two stewards who will be personally present throughout the hire period, to monitor and be responsible for alcohol consumption; a separate form will have to be completed for this.  Should you wish to hire a bar from the outside, then you will have to investigate the options for this, although we now recommend Archie's Mobile Bar (details available on request).

There is also the option of having food provided for an extra charge; this must be arranged with the independent caterer, initially through the Bookings Secretary.


For bookings or further information, please ring the Bookings Secretary on 07513 295817 or send a message to bookings.stambrose@gmail.com.

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