Gift Aid Scheme
Gift Aid logo small For every pound you give in the offertory or by donation, the parish will benefit from an extra twenty five pence rebate from the government at no cost or inconvenience to yourself.

It doesn't sound very much, but as a group, for every £1,000 given through the offertory or donated by parishioners via the
Gift Aid Scheme, the parish can reclaim a further £250.

If you pay Income Tax, whether it be on wages, salaries, pensions or dividends on shares, you can give through Gift Aid. We do not need to know your income or details such as your National Insurance number. All you have to do is tell the Gift Aid Organiser and make your donation by offertory envelope or standing order.

Just make a declaration that you would like all your donations to the Parish to be treated as Gift Aid. This can be done in person or over the telephone. Not only is Gift Aid a simple way to give more, it is also very flexible. One declaration will last your lifetime - though you can cancel it at any time.

In Summary
  1. It covers the weekly offertory at Mass as well as one off donations.
  2. It can be given directly into the parish bank by standing order or by Gift Aid envelopes for putting into the collection plate.
  3. There is no set amount required for a donation.
  4. You can stop and start as your finances allow.
  5. You can increase or reduce your payments to suit your changing circumstances such as a promotion at work, a new baby or a loss of income.
Please join the Gift Aid Scheme by contacting the Gift Aid Organiser - Tim Yates on (01562 66201) or by†email.
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