The Montini Group


In order to improve our sense of community still further, our MONTINI GROUP will embark on a study of the RULE of ST. BENEDICT. Our study will begin on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:45 pm. in the Montini Room, and will meet every Tuesday until Shrove Tuesday, February 26th (with the exception of October 15th when there will not be a meeting). Texts will be provided as appropriate.


The Rule of St. Benedict offers a very practical spirituality for those living together, not just in monasteries and convents but in homes, schools, places of work and; in our case, a Parish Community. This will be a different kind of approach from former years, with perhaps less emphasis on matters of doctrine but greater consideration of  ‘faith and perseverance in good works, under the guidance of the Gospel that we may pursue our way on His paths, and so we may deserve to see Him who has called us to His Kingdom.’ (PROLOGUE, Para 21).


The meetings will be as follows:


September 17th    An Introduction: St. Benedict and his rule.

                        24th    The Prologue: ‘Who longs for life….?’

   October:  1st  Living with others. ‘I have joyfully offered all.’

                        8th       The Abbot and Community

                        15th    NO MEETING

                        22nd    On Humility

                        29th    On Obedience


November   5th       On Silence

                        12th    On Prayer

                        19th    On Work

                        26th    The Tools of Good Works I


December   3rd       The Tools of Good Works II

                        10th    The Tools of Good Works III


January        7th       The Structure of the Community

                        14th    The Practicalities of Daily Living

                        21st     Those with special needs

                        28th    Newcomers


February     4th       Guests and Hospitality

                        11th    The Penal Code

                        18th    Stability, Conversion of Life: obedience

                        26th    Chapter 72 A Panegyric on Love.


These meetings are open to everyone, and those wishing to know more about our Parish and life in the Catholic Church will be made especially welcome.

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