St. Ambrose’s         Kidderminster

The Montini Group                               2016 – 2017


October                                      4th           One & All: the Community of the Church

                                                      11th        Prayer & Action: the Life of the Christian

                                                      18th        Faith & Practice: what must I do?

                                                      25th        Saints & Sinners: a microcosm of the Church


November                                1st                              ALL SAINTS

                                                      15th        Angels & Saints: the Church in Heaven

                                                      22nd      Grace & Favour: Our Lady

                                                      29th        Organisation & Structure: the Hierarchy in the Church


December:                               6th                             CONFIRMATION

                                                      13th        Old & New: a tale of two Testaments


January:                                                      10th        Natural & Supernatural: tales of the miraculous

                                                      17th        Body & Soul: the human person

                                                      24th        Right & Wrong: choices we face

                                                      31st         Sin & Forgiveness: the Justice of God


February:                                 7th                             True & False: some misunderstandings

                                                      14th        Signs & Symbols: experiencing worship

                                                      21st         Bread & Wine: the Eucharist

                                                      28th        Word & Sacrament: the life of the Church


March:                                       7th                             One Body, One Spirit in Christ: the Mass


All meetings will be in the Montini Room at 7:45 pm. unless otherwise notified.

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