The Montini Group


A series of meetings to discuss aspects of the Catholic Faith, based on the ROMAN CANON


September     18th     ‘It is right & just’

                        25th     ‘HOLY, HOLY, HOLY’


October          2nd       ‘To you, merciful Father’

                        9th       ‘Your holy Catholic Church’

                        16th     ‘Francis, our Pope; Bernard, our Bishop’

                        23rd     ‘to hand on the Catholic & Apostolic Faith’

                        30th     ‘all gathered’


November      6th       ‘the glorious, ever virgin Mary ‘

                        13th     ‘the blessed Joseph, her Spouse’

                        20th     ‘the blessed apostles & martyrs’

                        27th     ‘the oblation of our service’


December      11th     ‘bless, acknowledge & approve . . .’  



January          8th       ‘TAKE THIS, ALL OF YOU’

                        15th     ‘the blessed Passion, Resurrection & Ascension’

                        22nd     ‘the gifts of Abel, Abraham, Melchisedech’

                        29th     ‘those who have gone before us’


February        5th       ‘to us, sinners. . . .’  

                        12th     ‘THROUGH HIM, WITH HIM, IN HIM’

                        19th     ‘OUR FATHER’

                        26th     ‘The Supper of the Lamb’


March                         5th       GO AND ANNOUNCE


All meetings in the Montini Room of the Parish Centre

on Tuesdays 7:45 pm. – 9 pm.

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