May 26th, 2020; Feast of St. Philip Neri

Saint Philip changed the world the only way it can truly be changed—one soul at a time, by the example of his holy life.
Saint Philip was the silent observer, the cheerful listener, the priest always there, who spoke hard truths but always bent on the non-essentials. He mortified himself but never spoke of it.

He founded the Congregation of the Oratory, recognized by Gregory XIII in 1575, and still thriving today. His tomb, venerated by pilgrims year after year, rests in a chapel of the magnificent Santa Maria in Varicella, known as Chiesa Nuova (The New Church), in the heart of Rome.

Saint Philip Neri, your good nature and charm, united with your theological orthodoxy and life of deep prayer, made you a powerful apostle for the people of Rome. May all evangelists, especially priests, see in the depth of your heart a means to win souls for Christ.

J. Moran.

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