News for this Week

Newsletters: A limited number of copies of the newsletter are available from the Rectory but extreme care must be taken with any subsequent distribution.

Anniversaries: Of thy charity pray for the repose of the soul of Sr. Catherine McGrann, school Head Mistress 1910-37, who died on April 20th in 1955; and for Fr. Peter Dennison, priest here 1963-6, who died April 24th 1993. May they rest in peace.

Requiescant: The following Funerals have been arranged:

The Funeral of KEITH BIRCH will be held at Wyre Forest Crematorium; on Monday, April 19th at 4:30 pm.

John BALLARD's Funeral Mass will be held at St. Ambrose's on Tuesday, May 18th at 10:30 am. Followed by burial at Kidderminster Cemetery.

Mass Times & Intentions for this Week:  (April 19th - 25th 2021)



WEDNESDAY: 7:30 am Olive PRICE (RIP)

THURSDAY:  8:50 am (Winterfold) Int. of Annie McCOLGAN

                         11:30 am Claude & Nora ASTON (RIP)

FRIDAY:  9:15 am Int. of Anna LISOWSKA

SATURDAY:   9 am Int. of Frances TOVEY

                          6 pm (Vigil) The People of the Parish

SUNDAY: 9 am (Tenbury) The KELLY Family

                  11 am Lynda Law (RIP)

                  6pm  Fr. Bernard HICKSON (Anniv.)

Feast Days for the Coming Week:

On Wednesday we shall celebrate St. ANSELM, a Benedictine monk who became Archbishop of Canterbury, and is one of the most distinguished medieval theologians. He wrote many beautiful prayers and has been declared a Doctor of the Church.

Next Friday is the SOLEMNITY of St. GEORGE, the patron of England.

Habberley Organ: Work begins to move the Habblery Organ from the north aisle to the Choir Loft. The work is expected to last two days. 

Missio: In 2020, St Ambrose's & Sacred Heart, Tenbury, raised 1801.07 through the 'Red Box' scheme and donations to Missio. The Missionaries, and Missions they serve, live in very difficult circumstances, recently made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. They pass on their thanks, and assure us of their prayers. For more information see missio.org.uk.

Please pray for: Trina Cole, Pat O' Doherty, Peter Strangward, Peter Hesketh, Jessie Tolley, Annie Holcroft, Veronica Pugh, Sheila Mikulicz, Edward Sage, Jackie Sands, John & Audrey Choyce, Austin Cunliffe, Shirley Keogh, Joyce Berry, Clare Conway, Fr. Graham Wilkinson, Matteo Butera.

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