News for this Week:

If there are any additional volunteer stewards and cleaners for weekdays please contact Christine Vass via the Rectory, and she will coordinate cleaning and stewardship rotas. We ask everyone to be patient and understanding of the difficulties that are associated with this process.

I am pleased to say that we are hoping to open the church in Tenbury on each Thursday beginning next week, July 9th. Chris Stanley will be coordinating all the arrangements and Fr. Lamb will replace the Blessed Sacrament in the church in Tenbury early in that week.

Adams Lounge: In a Zoom meeting with the Finance Committee, it was agreed that we should go ahead with the development of the Adams Lounge, and Joseph Moran will convene a meeting with interested parties to produce and cost a plan to install a proper kitchen area, and coffee bar facilities. These will be published before work begins. Any suggestions from parishioners will be welcome (please contact J. Moran via the Rectory). We hope this work can be completed while the premises are not being used.

Site Security: As from July 1st the gates in Leswell Street will be closed and locked from 6:30 pm each evening, as will the gate in the passage way at the side of the church. They will be re-opened at 7:30 am each day. When functions in church and hall resume, the gates will be secured after each event. This will, we hope, put an end to unauthorised parking on our property, and will safeguard a garden area that Mrs. Brocklesby is hoping to create on the grass area by Leswell Street. In recent times this area has been abused by antisocial behaviour of a most offensive kind.

Sick List:
Please continue to pray for TRINA COLE, in a Nursing Home in Worcester, where she has become less well in recent weeks.
Please also pray for:

Peter Strangward, Jeannie Morrison, Philomena Gualano, Pat O' Doherty, Patrick Griffin, Dave Vass and Norma Adams.

Peter Hesketh underwent major surgery on Saturday, July 4th. Please keep him in your prayers.

Mass Times this Week:

M. 10 am: Intentions of Ted Dyer
T.  10 am: Intentions of Ken Peers
W. 10 am: Joe & Joan Whitfield RIP
Th. 10 am: Intentions of the Hart Family
F. 10 am: Intentions of Julie White
S.  10 am: Joan Battye RIP
S. 9 am (Sacred Heart) Deceased of the Kelly Family
     11 am (School Yard) Intentions of Fr. David Barry
     3 pm (LIVESTREAM) The People of the Parish

Feast Days this week:

On Monday we commemorate ST. MARIA GORETTI, martyred in 1902 and Cannonised by Pope Pius XII in 1950. Next Saturday is the Feast of St. Benedict, father of Western Monasticism, and Patron of Europe. His rule for Monks is one of the great civilising documents to come from the Sixth Century, and which made a tremendous impact on the civilisation of Europe.


Next Friday is the anniversary of the death in 2014 of Fr. Brenden Donlon, who served in this Parish 1955-1963, and Saturday is the anniversary of the death in 2003 of Fr Anthony Maguire, who assisted Fr Thornton at Our Lady and St. Pius X 1983-1988. May they rest in peace.

Thanks on Behalf of Everyone

A large team of parishioners assembled on Thursday to give St. Ambrose's a thorough cleaning, and a rota has been established to cover the stewarding and cleaning for our weekday Masses.
Several Tenbury parishioners joined Chris Stanley in the Sacred Heart Church on Thursday, July 9th; and for the restoration of Mass in Tenbury on each Sunday morning at 9 am. Thanks to these very generous-hearted parishioners.

A Note of Caution

It is strongly advised that children under 5 years of age, and any parishioners with underlying health concerns, especially of a respiratory kind, DO NOT attend public Masses for the time being.
Those attending public Masses Whether in the School Yard or in Church are asked to accept direction from the stewards with regard to seating. Each day, directions for the reception of Holy Communion will be repeated. It may be that some people will be uneasy about receiving Holy Communion during Mass. An Act of Spiritual Communion will be prayed during each Mass.    

We are still holding some Confirmation Certificates and they may be claimed from the Rectory. Enquiries via e-mail, telephone (K. 822839) or pre-arranged visits. The certificate are for: Beatrice Shakeshaft, Franco Sanidad, Akeila Murrihy, William Murphy, Annalise Flavin, Schon Gonzaga, Veronica Bernabe, Mare Bernable.
Any parishioners in contact with these families are asked to alert them to this notice. Thank you.

FINANCES: We are very grateful indeed to the many parishioners who have forwarded their contributions to the Parish during this past week. This will help us to meet our continuing financial responsibilities. Several Parishioners have now opted to contribute by Standing Order. For this we are very grateful.

We acknowledge with gratitude a generous legacy from the Estate of Joe Boland, who died last year. We pray for the repose of his soul. 

- J. Moran.
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