News for this Week

NEWSLETTERS: We have been asked if, in common with other local parishes, we can produce a weekly printed newsletter. The Archdiocese of Birmingham has expressly stated that anything used in the Mass and provided by the parish should be 'disposed of prior to leaving the church'. This does seem to suggest that we should NOT leave newsletters or anything similar for collection by those attending Mass. A limited number of copies of the newsletter are available from the Rectory but extreme care must be taken with any subsequent distribution.

Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Sr. Breda MURPHY, who died January 19th 2020. A former Head Mistress of the School. May he rest in peace.

Rest in Peace:

Riky HACKETT's Funeral will be at the Wyre Forest Crematorium next Friday at 1:30 pm. Please pray for his family at this very difficult time.

Please pray for TERENCE BERNARD RICE, formerly of this Parish, who died in London on December 19th at the age of 74 years. COVID restrictions meant that his cremation took place in London. His family hope for a reception and blessing of his ashes in St. Ambrose's at a later date. 

Eamonn DALTON will be brought to the church on Wednesday, January 27th at 5pm, and his Funeral Mass is on Thursday, January 28th at 1:15 pm after which he will be buried in Kidderminster cemetery,

The Funeral of Daniel TWOMEY has been arranged for Wednesday, February 10th at Stourbridge Crematorium. May they rest in peace.

Mass at St. Ambrose's.

Mass Intentions This Week: (Sunday January 18th - 24th 2021)

MONDAY: 9 am Int. of Jacqueline & Thomas WEAVER

TUESDAY:  9 am Int. of Gill PUGH





                        6 pm (vigil) Czeslaw GLOWACKI (Anniv.)

SUNDAY:9 am (Tenbury) The Holy Souls

                 11 am The People of the Parish

                  6pm  Tom ROY RIP


Feast Days This Week: (Sunday January 18th - 24th 2021)

The week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians begins tomorrow.
Tuesday is the Feast of St. WULSTAN, the 11th century Bishop of Worcester. Originally a monk, he became an outstanding Bishop. He worked hard to bring an end to the slave trade.

Wednesday is the commemoration of two Roman Martyrs; SS. Fabian & Sebastian. Another martyr, St Agnes, will be commemorated on Thursday. On Friday we have the commemoration of St. Vincent of Saragossa, a Deacon of the 4th century. On Saturday, there will be a memorial of St. Nicholas Owen, one of the most important of the English Martyrs, the builder of many priests' hiding places around the country.


Please pray for: Trina Cole, Pat O' Doherty, Peter Strangward, Peter Hesketh, Jessie Tolley, Annie Holcroft, Veronica Pugh, Sheila Mikulicz, Teresa Westwood, Edward Sage, Jackie Sands, John & Audrey Choyce, Revd. Patrick Duffy. 

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