St. Ambrose’s      Kidderminster                NEWS for this WEEK

August 2nd – August 8th 2021


Morning Prayer each day at 8:45 am. (Expect Saturday; 9:45 am)

Mass Times & Intentions for the coming week:

Monday:         9 am.                Int. of Sr. Maureen FAY

Tuesday:       9 am.               Victor GUALANO (RIP)

Wednesday:   9 am.              Int. of Joe FOGARTY  

Thursday:      9 am.               Jean VILLA (RIP)

                        7:30 pm.         Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Compline 8:35 pm.

Friday:            9 am.               Int. of Mary McGILL

Saturday:       9 am.               Int. of Teresa HARY; rosary & novena devotions

                        6 pm.             (Vigil) The People of the Parish

Sunday:          9 am.               (Tenbury) Fr. Philip LYNCH (RIP)

                        11 am.           George &  Josie TURNER (RIP)

                         6 pm.                         Nadine FARMER (RIP)

Confessions: Saturday  11:45am – 12:45pm & by request.


Lately Dead: Please pray for Sheila QUINN who died last Thursday afternoon. May she rest in peace.Martin Cahill: son of Margaret TILLOTT, died suddenly last Friday morning soon after having been admitted to Russell’s Hall Hospital. May he rest in peace. Albert BARR’s body will be received into church on August 11th at 5 pm. His Funeral Mass is at 11 am on August 12th prior to burial in Kidderminster Cemetery. May he rest in peace.


Feast Days this Week: On Monday, we celebrate the memorial of St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose life was dedicated to the Holy Eucharist. Wednesday is the memorial of St. John Mary Vianney, the Curé of Ars, patron saint of Parish Clergy. On Thursday we recall the dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, built to mark the Council of Ephesus which declared Mary to be the Mother of God. Friday is the Feast of the TRANSFIGURATION of Our Lord, and on Saturday we shall celebrate the martyred Pope of the Third Century, St. Sixtus II, and his companions.


Baptisms & Marriages: Following a recommendation from a parishioner at our recent Parish Finance meeting, and after consultation with the Parish Deacons and with the Parish Finance Committee, it has been decided that the following requests will be made for Baptisms and Marriages booked after August 1st:

Baptisms: £30 church fee, & a discretionary offering to the Minister.

Weddings: £150 church fee, & a discretionary offering to the Minister. 


Adams Lounge: The official opening of the Adams Lounge is after 11 am. Mas today . Please come along and support PATRYK MADUJURASKI and his family, who will perform the opening ceremony, we can shew our appreciation for his marvellous craftsmanship.


Return to Mass: from July 18th until September 19th (inclusive) Mass on Sundays at 11 am will be in the Rectory garden (weather permitting). We hope to welcome those who have not felt able to join us for Mass in Church since the outbreak of the Pandemic. There is very little seating available, though chairs may be available from the Borromeo Hall. Parishioners are welcome to bring their own seating.


Fr. Arthur Proudman: Joseph and I visited Broadway on Wednesday afternoon, and discovered the grave of Fr. Arthur Proudman in the churchyard. Fr. Proudman had been Parish Priest in Evesham before coming here in 1958. He left here in 1969, and died in 1972. We prayed for him, of course.



Social Outreach: Part of the Archbishop’s Vision for the Diocese involves Social Outreach, and through some of our groups this is already part of our life in this Parish. Before long we hope that our groups will start meeting again regularly (Ambrosians, Friendship Club, St Ambrose’s Companions, SVP). Our Tenbury parishioners are involved with several charities, the Mission Boxes are still reminding us of our responsibilities to the Church in deprived and suffering lands, and we give regular and generous support to the Kidderminster Food Bank. I met with MARIO SORANO during the week, and he has some ideas of how this support can be extended and co-ordinated. I hope that he will be alble to arrange a meeting of our various groups early in September to explore further possibilities.


200 Club: The Winners for July are –

1st        £75                 No. 36.            M. Collins.

2nd       £50                 No. 132           S. Parry

3rd       £25                 No. 208           M O’ Hara


Please pray for our parishioners who are sick, and for all who have need of our prayers, especially:  Trina Cole, Pat O ‘ Doherty, Peter Strangward, Peter Hesketh, Jessie Tolley, Annie Holcroft, Veronica Pugh, Sheila Mikulicz, Edward Sage, Jackie Sands, John & Audrey Choyce, Shirley Keogh, Joyce Berry, Clare Conway, Fr. Graham Wilkinson, Matteo Butera, Madonna Endeley, Nora Collins, Christopher Tovey, Leo Kealey, Mary Kissane, David Warr



This Parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham registered charity number 234216.

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