News for this Week:

Mass Intentions for the Coming Week: Livestreamed at 9 am. each day.

M. Frank Quinn (Anniv.)
T.  Oliver Donaghey RIP
W. Int. of Christine Hopkins
Th. Private Intentions (J.B)
F.  Int. of Sheila Mikulicz
S. Ann Webb RIP
S. People of the Parish

Feast Days this week:
This coming week is very joyous for the celebration of the Saints
Mon: St. Bede the Venerable, the celebrated Church historian and Scriptural Commentator, one of the greatest English Saints. He is also the patron of the Beda College, in Rome, where Fr. Lamb studied for the Priesthood.

Tues: St. Philip Neri, the Apostle of Rome and founder of the Congregation of the Oratory. He is the most joyful and fun loving of all the Saints, having received a miraculous infusion of the Holy Spirit.

Wed: St. Augustine of Canterbury, regarded as the founder of English Christianity, having been sent here by Pope St. Gregory of the Great. Devotion to him has increased in recent years.

Thurs: We shall celebrate a Votive Mass in honour of Pope St. Paul VI. He was a successor of St. Ambrose of Milan, and guided the Second Vatican Council to its completion. He was Canonised two years ago, and we have s small shrine in our Church. Our 'Montini Room' and our 'Montini Group' are named after him.

All the Consecrated Churches in the Diocese celebrate their Dedication on this day. Our Church was dedicated on August 5th 1902 by Bishop Edward Ilsley. The following years, he laid the foundation stone for the Holy Trinity Convent.

Confirmation: Bishop-elect David Evans has arranged to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation on St. Ambrose's Day, December 7th, at 7 pm.

Please pray for Philomena Gualano who is seriously ill.

Confirmation Certificates for Collection

We are still holding some Confirmation Certificates and they may be claimed from the Rectory. Enquiries via e-mail, telephone (K. 822839) or pre-arranged visits. The certificate are for: Beatrice Shakeshaft, Franco Sanidad, Nicola and Nella Piorunska, Akeila Murrihy, William Murphy, Annalise Flavin, Schon Gonzaga, Veronica Bernabe, Mare Bernable.
Any parishioners in contact with these families are asked to alert them to this notice. Thank you.

Sick Parishioners
Please let us keep all our sick and elderly parishioners in our prayers, especially LINA FINELLA who is seriously ill in a Nursing Home; and JEANNIE MORRISON, of Chaucer Close, who is very poorly in Worcester Hospital. Please pray for Bridget O' Doherty who is also in Worcester Hospital.
Please continue to pray for Peter Strangward who remains at home and appreciates our support.   

The Parish Priest would be grateful to know if anyone has a redundant wheelbarrow that he might use on long term loan.

Thanks to everyone who is keeping in touch with those who are 'self-isolating'; and also to those who have sent messages, e-mails, letters and phone calls of encouragement to the Rectory. Please be assured that the whole Parish (both our communities) is remembered in the daily Mass. 

Due to Covid-19, we cannot hold the regular fund raising events that many of you always support. Meanwhile, the impact of the virus on Christians in the Holy Land is devastating as so many rely on the income from pilgrimages and tourists which is presently non existent . There is no Social Security system to pay for the essentials. The Charity has launched the FHL PENTECOST CHALLENGE to raise funds before Pentecost on 31st May.  We have Three supporters who have pledged to matched the first 100.000.   So every 1 donated will have an impact of 2.
Please donate at.  http://www.friendsoftheholyland.org.uk/Pentecost-challenge.   Or
Cheques, made out to FHL and send to Friends of the Holy Land   Farmer Wood Road
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8  2DH.
Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

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