News for this Week

Newsletters: A limited number of copies of the newsletter are available from the Rectory but extreme care must be taken with any subsequent distribution.

Requiescant: Please pray for those whose deaths have been notified previously.

Vittorio Francesco Gualano (Thursday, March 11th at 11:15 am. Cremation at Wyre Forest. 12:30 pm. Cremation at Wyre Forest 12:30 pm.)
We pray also  for AMANDA JANE WILSON (of Merton Close) who died on February 12th after a period of ill health. Her Funeral Mass will be on March 11th at 3:15 pm followed by Cremation at Wyre Forest.
ROBERT HAYWARD of Holmcroft Road died on February 16th aged 83 years. His Funeral Service is on Monday, March 15th at 11:30 am. in Wyre Forest Crematorium.

Mass Times & Intentions for this Week: (March 8th - 14th 2021)

MONDAY: 9 am Philip Hopkins (RIP)

TUESDAY:  9 am Jean Villa (RIP)

WEDNESDAY: 9:15 am Special Int. (Scotty Murtagh)

THURSDAY:  8:50 am: (Winterfold) Elizabeth Lamb (RIP)

                         11:15 am Funeral Mass; Vittorio Gualano (RIP)

                         3:15 pm Funeral Mass; Mandy Wilson (RIP)

FRIDAY:  9 am Mary Nangle (RIP)

                  7 pm The Stations of the Cross (Live-streamed)

SATURDAY:   9 am Int. of Bernie Galvin

                        10 am - 2 pm; Adoration - Pro-Life (Live-Streamed)

                         6 pm (Vigil) Fr. Gregory Barry (Anniv)

SUNDAY: 9 am (Tenbury) Bozena Polak (RIP)

                  11 am The People of the Parish

                  6pm  Fr. Vaughan Lloyd (Anniv.)

Feast Days: On Monday, we commemorate St John of God, a Spanish sixteenth century saint. He was the founder of the St. John of God Brothers, who do wonderful work in caring for the mentally ill. St. Frances of Rome, whom we remember on Tuesday is from the previous century, who after the loss of her family, became an oblate of the Order of St. Benedict.

Sacristan: Our thanks to SIMON REDMOND who has agreed to become the Sacristan at St. Ambrose's. He succeeds Joel Douglas who did excellent work during this two periods in charge of the Sacristy. Simon will be assisted by Jean Bullock, who is very experienced in Sacristy work.

Parish Library: As parishioners will remember, we began a Parish Library in the Adams Lounge in the weeks before the initial lock-down. Many of the books made available to us are drawn from the collections of priests and clerical students who have worked in our Parish; and we have been able to add some titles from the estate of Peter & Tess Grantham. I am very grateful to ANNE CONWAY who has agreed to be the librarian, and arrangements for reading, borrowing etc. will be published when the Adams Lounge is able to re-open.

E-mail Addresses: Within the next two weeks the Finance Committee will be publishing details of the Parish Finances, and of important measures that we need to put into place if we are to remain solvent. This is a matter for the whole Parish and we hope to reach as many people as possible. Obviously we cannot use the postal services, so we ask that parishioners will make their e-mail details known to us. Please use the Parish Email address (stambrosekidderminster@btinternet.com) or put a note through the Rectory letter box.

Volunteers: The Finance Committee has concluded that there are many aspects of Church life that we cannot really afford to fund at present. It is suggested that some parishioners may have skills or talents that they may be prepared to donate on occasions. It will be very useful to compile a list of those who may be prepared to support us in different ways e.g. grounds maintenance, clearance of gutters, electrical issues, plumbing, garden maintenance, simple building and decorating repairs, carpentry.   

Stations of the Cross: On the Friday evenings of Lent a version of the Stations of the Cross will be followed from the church VIA LIVESTREAM. The Devotions will be given from the front of the Sanctuary and will begin at 7 pm. Access will be via the usual livestream link.

Confessions during Lent: I will be available, by arrangement or appointment, during the Days of Lent, to ensure that opportunity is available if requested.

200 Club: Many thanks to everyone who has renewed their membership or taken up a new one. We hope to carry out the January and February draws as soon as the current restrictions allow us to so it is not too late to renew or join.  Any queries please contact Janine Nicholls or Martin Grovenor via the Rectory.

St Ambrose's School: Mrs Brocklesby and her staff have worked hard to ensure very high standards in our School, which is now part of the enlarged EMMAUS Multi-Academy Company. This, in turn, is expected to raise standards and opportunities even further. There may will be spaces available, both for the Reception Class in the Autumn and in other Classes throughout the School. Mrs Brocklesby will welcome enquiries and visits by arrangement and we do ask that this notice is brought to the attention of all prospective parents who will be aware of the importance of a Catholic School Education.


Please pray for: Trina Cole, Pat O' Doherty, Peter Strangward, Peter Hesketh, Jessie Tolley, Annie Holcroft, Veronica Pugh, Sheila Mikulicz, Teresa Westwood, Edward Sage, Jackie Sands, John & Audrey Choyce, Revd. Patrick Duffy, Austin Cunliffe, Shirley Keogh, Joyce Berry.

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